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Our Schools, Our Voice Celebration.

Our Schools, Our Voice is a celebration where taxpayers, parents and educators in three local school districts--Carroll, Grapevine-Colleyville and Keller--rally together in support of the state’s children and public education.

Texas students and teachers have already felt the impact of $5.4 billion less in state funding as a result of legislative cuts. Rally organizers say they hope to send a clear message to lawmakers by rallying constituents to get educated about school finance, show their pride in Texas public schools and actively engage their local lawmakers. Members of the audience will be encouraged to tweet messages using the hashtag #supportTXschools.

The message, organizers say, is simple: “Stay Informed, Stay Involved and Become Advocates for Public Education.”

The message for Austin lawmakers is clear:

  • Provide ADEQUATE FUNDING – At 45th in the nation in per pupil allocations, Texas schools are drastically under-funded. Public schools need adequate funding to meet the increased accountability standards;
  • Give back REAL LOCAL CONTROL –return to a direct democracy where locally elected school board members make the decisions that affect the children and communities they serve; and
  • FUND MANDATES – stop imposing requirements on local school districts without providing adequate funding to carry out those mandates.